What is a Thermal Interface Unit (TIU)?

TIUs form part of a Community Heating Network (CHN) that provides central heating and domestic hot water to individual properties or apartments within a single development.

Traditionally in the UK, housing stocks have been built with individual gas combi boilers located in each apartment. Conversely, across mainland Europe Community Heating Networks – (or District Heating Systems as they were previously known), have long been the solution to provide heating and hot water in large community developments, with a centralised energy centre coupled with a low temperature hot water network.

In recent years we have seen a resurgence of CHN developments in the UK as the available technology improves and becomes more popular in helping comply with current legislation for energy efficiency and reduced emissions. Community heating networks operate from a single energy source (the energy centre) that distributes energy in the form of hot water circulating within a primary network throughout a building or housing development. Each individual house or apartment has a secondary network which is connected to the primary network via a thermal interface unit that heats DHW and space heating water via plate heat exchangers to meet the individual demands of the property.

The Radiance TIU range from Reliance UK offer the perfect solution as they can be adapted to exact requirements when an instantaneous or stored hot water system is required in a Community Heating Network installation.

As a leading supplier to the UK heating industry for many years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and production of innovative products. The RWC brand is recognised for quality and reliability and our TIUs, created specifically to suit UK systems, have been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure they provide the same high levels of satisfaction and longevity.

We understand that no two project requirements are the same, that is why we provide a dedicated technical and design support service to work alongside you. This enables us to develop custom-built solutions to meet the exacting needs of your project. We won’t just focus on the TIUs, we will ensure your whole system operates as effectively and efficiently as possible to meet every demand.

Our Radiance TIUs are manufactured in the UK ensuring lead times are minimal and deliveries can be made to suit a site’s requirements.

High efficiency solution for community heating networks

  • No requirement for gas throughout the building avoids the cost of testing/regulations for installing gas
  • No requirement for flues saves cost and allows for an aesthetically pleasing building exterior
  • No planning constraints
  • Simple design; reduced maintenance
  • Easily integrated with renewable heat sources if desired (CHP, biomass, heat pump, solar)
  • Ultra-safe well-known technology using only low pressure hot water
  • Individual metering options available, including automatic meter reading or a prepayment meter

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TIU - Thermal Interface Unit