FAQs: About Reliance UK

What does Reliance UK do?

At Reliance, it is our mission to provide water controls for a modern world. Since our foundation in 1949, we have been at the forefront of our industry, designing and manufacturing water valves and fittings.  We have continued to produce innovative products and to drive efficiency in our market, continually adapting to keep up with developments both in building design and new national and international legislations and standards.

We have become renowned for our local innovation and groundbreaking products developed in the UK including our Thermal Interface Units for heating and cooling in multi-occupancy buildings, our award-winning Tenant Valves and comprehensive range of washroom systems that meet safety standards for use in healthcare and education environments.

What type of products does Reliance sell?

We supply a wide range of product solutions for all aspects of water and heating systems across the built environment including TMVs, PRVs, fittings and more.

Which sectors does Reliance cater for?

We supply a broad range of products to allow for superior temperature & flow control and the enhanced water distribution safety for heating & cooling in both commercial and domestic buildings. Our products cater to the following sectors and meet legislation and regulations in every industry to ensure safety for the occupants of the buildings:

Who do Reliance UK work with?

With our broad range of water and temperature control products we are proud to work with a variety customers including Architects & Specifiers, Merchants, installers and OEM customers. Working with our dedicated account managers and customer services team we can provide a specialised service just for you – whether you need us to manufacture a product for your heating system, service installed parts or help select the perfect solution for your design. Find out more about how we can help you:

How does Reliance ensure their products comply with standards and regulations?

Since our opening in 1986, we have harnessed our global expertise along with local skills and knowledge in order to deliver a full portfolio of water control solutions. We work alongside industry approved bodies to rigorously test our products and ensure that they meet standards in order to provide the safe delivery of water. All of our products, where relevant meet the following standards, regulations and guidelines: