Thermal Balancing Valves

Thermal balancing valves are designed for use in circulating hot water systems. The balancing valve works by regulating the flow of water within it depending on the temperature.

Once the water temperature rises to its set point at 70°C, the thermal balancing valve restricts the flow. A bypass opens following a higher flow rate for disinfection purposes to protect against Legionella.

The balancing valves provide thermal balance in hot water systems in order keep a constant temperature within the system and limiting the flow in circulation pipes to a minimum required level. With a dry-fit thermometer there’s no need to drain the system down and the tamper proof cap secures the settings in place.

wras certified


The Thermostatic Balancing Valve (TBV) must be WRAS approved, automatically operated, with adjustable temperature settings from 40 – 65 Degrees Celsius and include an integral disinfection function. Designed to give continuous flow even when the set temperature is achieved and be able to be installed in any orientation. The product must be supplied with an insulation jacket, identification tag and have a removable thermometer that sits within a dry pocket. Viton seals must be used and all connections must be FBSP.

Product Information