Tenant Valve Plus

The Tenant Valve Plus combines a number of functions in one compact, self-contained unit to control and monitor water supply to multi-unit sites, such as flats or offices. Utilising a single cartridge design, the Tenant Valve Plus is quick & easy to installed, reduces leakage potential and saves costs.

It incorporates a ball type isolating valve, also approved as a stop valve, pressure reducing valve, double check valve, dual reading pressure gauge/test point and a connection point for optional addition of a Class ‘A’ water meter. Alternatively, an adaptor is available to fit a Class ‘D’ water meter.

All components are accessible from one side of the valve, which is supplied with a moulded insulating cover. For use up to 16 bar and 85 degrees celsius and adjustable between 1.0 – 6.0 bar.

wras certified


A one piece WRAS approved control manifold incorporating, in the following order, an extended lever isolating ball valve WRAS approved as a stop cock, a cartridge type pressure reducing valve, a pressure gauge, a water meter connection point and double check valve. The pressure gauge shall be double reading to show both inlet and outlet pressure. The double check valve shall be removable for servicing. The assembly shall be supplied in a purpose built insulated cover and all components shall be accessible from one side of the valve.

Tenant Valve Plus Device
Tenant Valve Plus Device

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