Caremix® C3 Concealed Sequential Shower

The Shower guard C3 concealed sequential shower is TMV3 approved, making it ideal for healthcare applications in order to control water temperatures and prevent scalding. Our shower guard sequential shower combines the on/off operation and temperature control in the same control knob. The first movement turns the shower into the cold position and any movement counter clockwise increases the temperature to a set maximum.

Our shower guard sequential shower is easy to install and use, built around a single cartridge principle with the main working components included in an easy to replace one-piece cartridge.

• Supplied with a specially designed installation box and wall template to make installation quick and easy
• Designed so that after installation all components are serviceable and replacable following removal of the cover plate
• TMV3 approved for healthcare applications
• Uses the unique Aegle one piece thermostatic cartridge to reduce maintenance time
• Supplied complete with isolators, check valves, strainers and flow regulators all serviceable from the front of the wall

wras certified


The concealed thermostatic shower valve must be TMV3 accredited, WRAS approved and sequentially controlled with rotational inlet elbows and comprise of isolators, removable/serviceable strainers, check valves & flow regulators that can be serviced from the front by removal of the cover plate.  In addition, the valve must have a single piece interchangeable thermostatic cartridge. The shower should come supplied with a template for cutting the correct size hole and have optional first & second fix.

Product Information