SharkBite® Washing Machine Valve

15mm Washing Machine Valve

Chrome plated, brass bodied inline isolator and double check washing machine valve with SharkBite push-fit connection.

Washing machine valves are designed for quick isolation of water supply to reduce damage during leaks and emergencies, or for easier undertaking of plumbing work. The smaller handle is designed to reduce space and allow washing machines to fit under kitchen counters. The valve can also be used on other appliances with water feeds, such as dishwashers. All washing machine valves are supplied in standard 15mm sizes.

SharkBite push-fit connection at inlet for fast, secure and heat-free connection compatible with all types of commonly used metal and plastic pipe: copper, chromed copper, PEX, carbon steel and polybutylene. The valve can be easily disconnected and is immediately re-usable.

  • Compact, high quality valve gives durability and secure isolation when activated
  • Nickel plated for even longer life
  • Chrome plated brass ball, encapsulated between two seals, gives smooth operation and 100% reliability


The appliance valve must be nickel plated, with a chrome plated brass ball. Rated to 10 bar with brass push-fit connections suitable for Copper, PEX, Polybutylene and thin wall carbon pipe.

SharkBite Washing Machine Valve_lo
SharkBite Washing Machine Valve_lo

Product Information

SharkBite Washing Machine Valve
15mm x 3/4" MBSP