Sealed Heating System Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure relief valves are primarily used within a sealed heating system as a safety mechanism to release high pressure within the system. When the pressure gets too high, sealed heating system valves open to reduce the pressure throughout the system and prevent damage to the system.

The sealed heating system valves are usually located in the expansion chamber of the sealed heating system and allows the excess pressure to flow into the expansion vessel if there is an unsafe build-up of water pressure. Not only does this prevent damage in the system and keep a building’s occupants safe, it also results in reduced water consumption and preserves money and natural resources. Our sealed heating system pressure relief valve is fitted with a gauge to allow users to read the pressure level within the system.

Other features include:

• High capacity gives overpressure protection for heating systems
• Diaphragm design gives improved resistance to scaling
• Cartridge design gives ease of service and replacement without the need to re-set the opening pressure
• High lift design for increase discharge capacity
• Supplied complete with a pressure gauge so the system can easily be monitored

Product Information

Pressure (bar)
Sealed Heating System PRV With Gauge
1/2" FxFBSP