Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Backflow Preventer - Commercial

The Reliance commercial reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve incorporates a double check valve and can proivide protection against back pressure and back siphonage of up to fluid category 4.

An RPZ valve is one of the safest and most reliable backflow preventer valves available. RPZ valves offer protection against back pressure and siphonage in order to protect the mains water supply and drinking network from contamination.

When pressure rises in the system RPZ valves evacuate waste water from the system when there is a drop in pressure in order to prevent water from flowing back into the main pipeline from individual premises.

wras certified


The Reduced Pressure Zone backflow preventer (RPZ) must be WRAS approved and protect against back pressure & back syphonage up to fluid category 4. Must use a one piece easily serviceable cartridge. The RPZ must have integral test points & upstream and downstream integral isolation. In addition the valve must include an integrated tundish.

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