Nickel Plated Brass Ball Valves for Water (Compression)

Reliance brass ball water valves contain a sphere inside the valve which contains a borehole through the centre allowing for on/off control of water flow. The lever positioned outside the valve turns the ball valve inside. The borehole can be aligned to the same direction as the pipe, opening the valve and allowing water to flow through. When the valve is closed, the borehole faces the side of the pipe.

Our water valves are known for reliable, tight sealing and allow for water supply to be shut off quickly and easily. These water valves are usually available as 15mm valves but we supply valves across a range of sectors and in a range of sizes.

In addition to a 15mm valve, these water valves are also available in the following sizes:
• 22mm
• 28mm
• 35mm
• 42mm
• 54mm

Other features include:
• PN25 compression
• Easy to use lever handle with clear colouring to designate usage – red for hot water and blue for cold water
• Not suitable for chilled water applications

wras certified

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