Masterguard® Thermostatic Tempering Valves

High quality thermostatic tempering valve for system temperature control and commercial sanitary hot water distribution. Designed for very high flow rates, it is primarily intended for use in applications where control and distribution of large sanitary mixed water flows is required.

The Masterguard is typically located in the plant room to blend hot and cold water to a safer temperature (typically 50°C) for distribution throughout a building and has integrated fixing points to allow for easy wall or floor fixing.

wras certified


The tempering valve must be WRAS approved, be capable of providing (120 lpm – 830 model, 170 lpm – 840 model, 260 lpm – 850 model or 360 lpm – 860 model) at 2.5 bar pressure loss and come with integrated wall/floor fixing bracket. The water inlets must have isolation ball valves, integral strainers and check valves with gauge and flushing points. FBSP style connections with integrated flat faced unions on the inlet connections.

Product Information