Heatguard® Style Thermostatic Mixing Valves

A compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) with highly polished chrome finish. Fits easily within front of wall supply outlets and complies with D08 to provide supreme anti-scalding protection. Easy to access and maintain with a smart, streamlined appearance to compliment high quality finish washrooms and bathrooms.

Water is most commonly stored at high temperatures to prevent legionella growth. By using the Heatguard Dual you can continue storing water at a high temperature but the valve will mix the hot water with cold water at the point of discharge to cool it down to a safe temperature and prevent scalding. Should the cold water supply fail, the Heatguard Dual will shut off the hot water supply to prevent scalding temperature water from reaching the outlet.


The thermostatic mixing valve must be a Type 3, WRAS approved, BS7942 and HTM0401 D08 compliant. Must be polished chrome finish, with hot & cold inlet connection side by side, 84mm in length, capable of working at 2 lpm.

Product Information