Heatguard® Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer

The Reliance bath shower mixer is a thermostatic tap with dual controls, allowing users to control temperature and water flow separately. Our shower mixer valves work on a two cartridge principle with all of the thermostatic components included in an easy to replace one-piece cartridge and the flow control within another cartridge.

Our bath shower mixer thermostat is a KIWA Type 2 approved device designed for the healthcare sector for the safest method of bathing and showering. In a healthcare environment, it is important for the water to maintain a steady temperature below scalding levels which can be particularly dangerous in environments containing vulnerable people. Should the hot or cold water supply fail, these shower mixer valves have a rapid fail safe control to prevent the water from becoming too hot or too cold.

• Rapid fail safe on both hot and cold supply failure
• Provides stable mixed water temperature
• Includes check valve, strainer and flow regulator
• Part G compliant
• Diverter between bath and shower integral in flow control

wras certified


The bath and shower mixer must be a deck mounted, with separate temperature and flow control, WRAS approved, Type 2 and BS EN 1111:2017 and Part G compliant thermostatic bath shower mixer with one-piece thermostatic cartridge and flow cartridge, removable and serviceable strainers and check valves on both hot and cold supplies, and a flow regulator for use at the mixed water shower outlet.

Product Information

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