Heatguard Thermostatic Bar Shower

The Heatguard Bar Shower is a Type 2 approved dual control thermostatic bar shower. Built around a two cartridge principle, all the working thermostatic components are included in an easy to replace one-piece cartridge and the flow control is contained within another cartridge.

Check valves and strainers are included within the design of the shower, along with a high temperature override button. The ‘cool touch’ model offers extra peace of mind with a two chamber system, which circulates cold water in the outer chamber to insulate the central chamber carrying hot or mixed water, to provide additional protection against the outer surface of the bar shower becoming very hot to touch.

wras certified


The shower mixer must be wall mounted, with separate temperature and flow control, WRAS approved, Type 2 and BS EN 1111:2017 compliant thermostatic bar shower mixer with removable and serviceable strainers, check valves, and a flow regulators.

Product Information