Combined Thermal Balancing Valve & Pressure Reducing Valve

This combination valve features a single-unit, compact pressure reducing valve (PRV) and thermal balancing valve (TBV). This all in one design reduces leak potential and saves installation time & cost.

Used on circulating hot water systems, this combination valve reduces water pressure and balances the system by regulating the flow within it depending on the temperature. The Valve is for use in hot water applications and incorporates a built in disinfection function to protect against Legionella. The valve reduces design complexity and avoids installation errors.

In addition, the valve has been designed with a lift & turn tamperproof temperature adjuster cap (from 45 to 65 degrees celsius), and a dry-fit thermometer meaning the system doesn’t need to be drained.

wras certified


A one piece combination pressure reducing and thermostatic balancing valve. The pressure reducing valve must be one piece cartridge style in construction, low noise design with a lift and turn lockable adjustment mechanism adjustable between 1.5-6 bar and have a pre-fitted pressure gauge. The thermal balancing valve must include a disinfection function, dry fit thermometer, pre-fitted insulation case and identity tag. The valve must be WRAS approved to UK water regulations, adjustable between 40⁰C and 65⁰C.

Product Information