Governor Urinal Flush Valve

The Governor Valve is a water saving device installed on the supply pipe to a urinal cistern. The valve regulates flushing by opening only when short-term pressure drops occur (e.g. through use of taps or WCs on the same supply).

When activated, the valve (normally closed) opens for a fixed length of time to allow water to flow into the urinal cistern until the pressures on both sides of the valve have equalised. When the cistern is full, the auto-siphon will flush.

This compact unit has been designed for quicker & easier installation in ceiling and wall cavities and can be installed in vertical or horizontal orientations. The flow rate is adjustable using the supplied Allen Key to suit system requirements and no power supply is needed.

*WRAS approval pending

wras certified


A flushing control device that operates mechanically and hydraulically by sensing changes in system pressure due to demand on connected water services. The flushing control device shall have an adjustable flow rate 0.5 – 4 lpm and be capable of vertical or horizontal installation.

Product Information

Governor Valve - Pressure Operated Urinal Valve