Easiset® 320 Series (Hot) Pressure Reducing Valves

The Easiset 320 Series is a high quality pressure reducing valve (PRV), designed for domestic applications up to 16 bar an 80 degrees celsius and it incorporates a unique easy-to-use ‘lift & turn’ adjustment mechanism.

All the working components are contained in one piece cartridge form and the PRV can be installed in any orientation to provide the installer with quick and easy fitting. In addition, the single gauge port is on the base of the valve and a drop tight valve has been included to control the pressure under both flow and no-flow condition.

wras certified


The pressure reducing valve (PRV) must be WRAS approved, rated to 16 bar working pressure have a lift and turn adjustment mechanism between 1.5 and 6 bar, full flow strainer and all working components contained in an Easi-set cartridge with downstream test point (select appropriate range code).

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