Commercial 315i Series Pressure Reducing Valves

Our range of commercial 28mm pressure reducing valves is designed to cut down the amount of water allowed to pass through a pipe, reducing the pressure throughout the system. This 28mm pressure relief valve slows down the flow of water running at high pressures in order to prevent wear and tear and leaking from over pressurised fittings or joints. 28mm prvs incorporate a unique indicator so that the set pressure can be easily identified without the need for a pressure gauge.
• For up to 25 bar and 70°C
• Adjustable between 1.0-6.0 bar
• Easy to read pressure indicator
• Robust design
• Fully serviceable strainer
• Suitable for hot and cold supplies
• Union fitting for ease of servicing
• Can be installed in any orientation
• Also available with SharkBite push-fit connectors for even quicker installation.

wras certified


The Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) must have WRAS approval for hot & cold water up to 70 degrees Celsius and comply with BSEN 1567. The PRV must be rated to 25 bar inlet pressure. Outlet pressures should be adjustable between 1 – 6 bar and have a lockable adjustment knob. The PRV should have a one piece cartridge containing all functional components with an integral serviceable strainer and a rotatable sleeve with a set pressure indicator. The PRV should be supplied with two downstream test points with brass plugs.

Product Information