Ausimix® Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Designed with flat faced union connections or available with SharkBite push-fit connections, the Ausimix compact is a TMV3 and TMV2 approved Thermostatic Mixing Valve able to deliver 35 l/min at 2.5 bar pressure.

Available with 2in1 or 4in1 fittings and a unique temperature adjustment tool incorporated into the cap, the Ausimix Compact is also Building Regulation Part G and D08 compliant.

Water is most commonly stored at high temperatures to prevent legionella growth. By using the Ausimix Compact you can continue storing water at a high temperature but the valve will mix the hot water with cold water at the point of discharge to cool it down to a safe temperature and prevent scalding. Should the hot or cold water supply fail, the Ausimix Compact will shut off the water supply.

wras certified

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