Aquasystem® Replaceable Membrane Heating Expansion Vessels

2 Litre to 5000 Litre Capacity Expansion Vessel Sizes Available

The Aquasystem expansion vessles are available from 2 litres to 5000 litres capacity with maximum pressure bars ranging from 8.0 to 10.0.

Designed with replaceable membranes, the Aquasystem range allows servicing in situ, preventing water contact with the steel expansion vessel shell, to prevent internal corrosion and extend life.

Product Features

• Stainless steel bolted flange prevents corrosion

• Extra wide membrane opening prevents noise caused by restricted flow

• Internal membrane prevents any water contact with the steel shell, stopping internal corrosion

• Huge choice of products from 2 litre to 5000 litre to cover all applications

• All versions supplied with a replaceable membrane meaning the vessel can be serviced without being removed

• Complete with pre-charge valve for topping up air pressure

• Suitable for both potable water and heating applications


The expansion vessel must be (select size) steel with a stainless steel bolted flange connection the internal membrane must be replaceable while in situ and the vessel must come complete with pre charge valve.

aquasystem expansion vessel
aquasystem expansion vessel

Product Information