New Combination Valves from RWC

New multi-function valves from Reliance Water Controls

Leading manufacturer Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd (RWC UK) has launched three new valve innovations under its Reliance Water Controls brand. The brand new Combined PRV/TBV Valve and two new larger size Tenant® valves have been designed to provide multiple functions, easing installation, use and maintenance.

This combination valve incorporates a pressure reducing valve and thermal balancing valve in an all-in-one cartridge design. Used on circulating hot water systems, the valve reduces water pressure and balances the system by regulating the flow depending on the temperature.

Often Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and Thermal Balancing Valves (TBVs) are installed together, yet the PRV is regularly situated in the wrong position on the system to operate effectively as it requires back pressure. As a combined unit RWC valve avoids installation citing errors, speeds up installation time and reduces leak potential. It is suitable for hot water applications and incorporates a built-in disinfection function to protect against legionella, a dry-fit thermometer, easy to read pressure indicator dial, integral strainer and MBSP union connections for ease of servicing. The valve is also supplied with its own bespoke insulation casing further saving time and cost.

The Tenant valve is now available in two new sizes, 1 ¼” and 1 ½”, and brings together five functions in one compact self-contained unit to control and monitor water supply in multi-occupancy buildings, such as flats and offices. The unit incorporates a ball isolating valve, which is also approved as a stop valve, a pressure reducing valve, double check valve, pressure gauge/test point and a connection point for the optional addition of either a primary or secondary water meter.

The cartridge-style design of the Tenant valve helps to save space and aid quick and easy maintenance as all components are easily accessible from one side of the valve. It is also supplied with a moulded insulating cover to save further installation time and cost.

Koert Munnik, Commercial Director for RWC UK, says, “By combining multiple functions, both valves provide multiple benefits for plumbers, saving them and their customers time and cost when it comes to installation and ongoing maintenance.”

Both the Combined TBV/PRV Valve and Tenant valves are also available with SharkBite connections, enabling the valves to be installed even more quickly and efficiently.