Make significant savings with the NEW Governor Urinal Flush Valve

Reliance UK has launched the new Governor Urinal Flush Valve as part of its highly specialised Washroom Systems product portfolio.

Water regulations within the UK specifically require urinals to be fitted with an automatic device to regulate the cistern. The new Governor Valve is a pressure operated valve designed to automatically regulate a cistern and reduce water waste.

Installed on the supply pipe to a urinal cistern, the Governor Valve activates when short-term pressure drops occur (i.e. when taps/toilets are used on the same supply). The valve opens for a fixed length of time to allow water to flow into the cistern until pressures on both sides of the valve have equalised. When the cistern is full it auto-flushes.

The Governor’s unique design limits the amount of water passing through to the cistern, reducing the fill rate and the number of auto-flushes, significantly saving overall water usage within the urinal system.

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