There’s a reason why Reliance products are loved by installers nationwide. In fact there are many reasons.Installer under a sink

For some it is the breadth of range. For others it is the quality and durability of our products. Or perhaps it is the ease of installation and time saving features that come from our proud track record of product innovations.

Whatever you are looking for, Reliance has the answer. A wide range of proven and innovative products, backed by almost 60 years of industry leading solutions. From a company that invented thermostatic water controls and has gone on to file over 700 patents across products from specialist valves to the world’s best-selling, heat-free, metal push-fit plumbing system.
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With products available from merchants across the UK, you can choose Reliance to deliver you with the solutions you want, when and where you need them. Ask your local merchant for more details or complete the form below and one of our advisors will be glad to assist you.

Faster Pipe Installation - Save time with the SharkBite Push-Fit System

When it comes to pipe installations, time really is money. Suitable for both new and replacement applications, the SharkBite metal push-fit system will help you create watertight connections quickly and easily. No need for welding or hot work, the SharkBite system can be installed and ready for use in minutes.

Want to know how fast? Check out our video challenge. We did the same job using four different fitting methods. The result – SharkBite was the clear winner for speed of installation:

  • Almost TWICE as fast as Press Fit
  • More than THREE times faster than Compression
  • Almost FOUR times faster than End Feed

SharkBite Push-Fit Plumbing Systems: CUT. PUSH. DONE.

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