Why choose Timeflow Washroom Solutions?

Today Britain’s reservoirs are threatened by an ever-increasing demand for water. Risks of shortages and pollution caused by excessive use of water are well documented not only in the UK but in many other parts of the world as well. Wastage can account for almost 20% of total water consumption.

To preserve the future of Britain’s water reserves, water must be managed in an economical and ecologically sound way. Reliance UK has a long history of providing high quality products to meet the changing demands of the marketplace and our range of timeflow valves are the ideal solution for water saving and water control devices. Listed on the Water Technology List, Reliance UK products are also WRAS approved and comply to BSEN816 and BREEAM.

Water Savings Explained

Because of the dwindling natural resources and the high cost of water and waste treatment, it is now clearer than ever that we must change our usage habits in terms of water control. But how much water can a timeflow control really save?

Consider the following example. If we assume that the average person will spend 1 minute washing their hands in a public facility, with an unregulated tap running at 15 litres per minute, that person would use 15 litres of water.

If a timeflow tap was fitted, the person would wet their hands and start soaping during the first run time of 15 seconds, finish soaping without water running and then rinse off during the second run time of 15 seconds. With the internal flow regulator set at 6 litres per minute, in this hand washing scenario the person will have used a maximum of 3 litres. A third or fourth activation would still use considerably less water than the unregulated manual tap.

Flow Regulation

In order to minimise waste and to realise the best possible benefits from the use of timeflow taps, it is important that not only the duration of the flow be controlled but also the rate at which the water is flowing. Most taps in the Reliance timeflow range incorporate an adjustable flow regulator; this comes factory set at 6 lpm (at 3bar) but can be adjusted to give a flow of between 4 and 10 lpm. In addition to this a flow regulator is fitted which is also set to 6 lpm but can be removed if a greater flow is desired.

Anti-vandal = Anti-waste

In addition to the substantial savings that can be realised by something as simple as automatically regulating flow as these taps do, there are also substantial savings to be made from the fact that the valves are vandal resistant.

A common occurrence in commercial properties of all types is for taps to be left running, either by accident or design; sometimes a vandal may also block the drain for added fun and destruction. With a typical manual tap this is done by simply leaving it on. With a timeflow tap the button or handle has to be blocked open or tied with wire or string – more difficult but not impossible.


Two critical considerations when selecting timeflow taps for use in the commercial arena are the speed and ease of maintenance of the products. All of the Reliance timeflow taps are built using a one-piece cartridge principle; this means that only one part needs to be stocked to completely refurbish the inner workings of the tap. This can save an enormous amount of time when servicing the taps as well as simplifying the stocking of spare components.

Timeflow Basin and Bib Taps

The Reliance range of timeflow taps are an ideal solution to control and regulate the use of water for ablutionary purposes in commercial, industrial, and leisure applications and can be used in conjunction with Reliance’s range of thermostatic mixing valves to give a complete temperature and flow control solution.

Timeflow taps have been shown to save up to 60% of the water usage of a conventional tap by automatically shutting off the flow of water after 15 seconds. The cartridge style construction of these taps reduces parts stocking and means that maintenance downtime is kept to a minimum.

If you’d like to find out more about Reliance Timeflow Products you can visit our Washroom Solutions product page or drop us a message using the below contact form.