Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure


Sports & leisure is all about performance. Not just with the activities which take place, but also in the facilities.

The UK leisure sector is growing at twice the pace of the retail sector, with growth of 5% year-on-year since 2010. In turn, the demand for high-quality facilities to encourage continued participation and improve the nation’s health is also set to continue to grow. More people are making time for physical activity, therefore, providing quality sports and leisure buildings is key and Reliance supports their design with class leading products that deliver not only quality, but contribute to the safety, energy efficiency and reliability expected by demanding customers.

Innovative thermostatic technology in the Heatguard Planar ensures that water is always delivered at a safe temperature, and we designed the modular Combined TBV/PRV to suit the complex requirements of leisure centres by incorporating thermal balancing valves and pressure reducing valves in one. This ensures both valves are fitted in the right place, minimising problematic deadlegs in the system.


Water systems in Sport & Leisure centres usually require Thermal Balancing Valves and Pressure Reducing Valves, but correct installation can be challenging. Incorporating both a PRV and TMV in one compact unit, the Combined TBV/PRV is an innovative modular system that helps ensure correct installation, reduces dead legs and  ensure stable temperatures with our Heatguard Planar.