Commercial, Retail & Hospitality

Commercial, Retail & Hospitality


In any kind of commercial space, whether designed for work or play, the quality, performance and function of the building has a direct impact on whether users have a positive or negative experience. For restaurants & hotels this can be the difference between customers choosing to return or not and that can have a big impact on an operator’s bottom line.

In all commercial buildings, the provision of water should never require a second thought. Building owners and operators also have a duty of care to ensure it can be accessed readily, consistently, reliably and safely. Many of our temperature and flow products, and our plumbing and heating systems, are deployed across all types of commercial buildings, silently doing their job to provide safety, efficiency and to meet the highest legislation, standards and best practice.

Designing, installing & maintaining a commercial building’s water systems has never been easier.

Solutions For Commercial Properties

Commercial water systems are often large, complex and demanding so our understanding of what’s needed behind the scenes, such as Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV), Thermal Balancing Valves (TBV) and Expansion Vessels, is critical in ensuring the safe, efficient and constant flow of water.


Case Study: First Street - Manchester

The redevelopment of the mixed-use complex at First Street, Manchester, required an overhaul of its water supply infrastructure. To help effectively manage water pressure in some of the buildings, Reliance worked with the M&E consultants to install its Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs).

First Street - Manchester
First Street - Manchester First Street - Manchester