Care Homes

Care Homes


Providing care is also about providing comfort. Our range of room thermostats provide precise temperature control to ensure optimal heating system performance whilst making sure a Care Home still feels like home.

The 2011 census recorded more than 10.5 million people aged 65 and over. By 2050, this age group will make up more than a quarter of the UK population. New research by the University of Liverpool and University College London estimates within just eight years, 2.8m people over 65 will need nursing and social care. This includes a rise of 40% in cases of disability related to dementia among people aged 65-84.

Ensuring the thoughtful and quality design and construction of new purpose-built facilities, together with the retrofit of existing and ageing buildings, is fundamental in being able to deliver the care we’re all one day going to need. For more than three decades, Reliance has played a critical supporting role in places where the elderly, disabled, frail and vulnerable are cared for.


Heating is critical to the comfort of care home residents; that’s why our product range includes Thermal Interface Units and Programmable Thermostats to ensure temperature control is simple & easy. In addition, maintaining constant hot water throughout the system is critical in protecting against pathogen growth such as Legionella, so our Thermal Balancing Valves include a built in thermal disinfection function.

Case Study: Balhousie Care Homes

As a company operating 25 care homes across Scotland, the protection of vulnerable residents is at the core of the Balhousie Care Group. Therefore, to help safeguard residents against the risk of scalds, the Group has installed Reliance Caremix® 200 series TMV3 shower panels in three of its purpose-built care homes.

Balhousie Care Homes
Balhousie Care Homes Balhousie Care Homes