Sectors & Applications


At Reliance, we have created a broad range of products to help control the temperature, flow and safety of water distribution, heating and cooling for both commercial and domestic buildings.

We pride ourselves on gaining insights from our customers to help shape our future products. Whatever the sector, and whatever the commercial and legislative requirements, we can provide the perfect system solution for modern buildings.

Public health is always paramount – we’ll meet the regulations so you can ensure water safety at all times. But this is also about efficiency as much as reassurance. Installing the right products for the right outcome, each and every time.

Many of our temperature and flow products, and our plumbing and heating systems, are deployed across all types of commercial buildings, silently doing their job to provide safety, efficiency and to meet the highest legislation, standards and best practice.

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All hospitals and care homes should operate to the highest hygiene standards. Reliance helps make this possible with a broad range of heating and water systems, which are specifically designed to ensure resident safety and wellbeing.

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In addition to providing solutions to meet or exceed all current safety and hygiene standards, our healthcare washroom systems feature a number of innovations designed to boost efficiency
and provide cost-savings opportunities.

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There are no shortcuts to providing heating and water for schools, colleges and universities. With the welfare of children at stake, safety is of the utmost importance.

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New build developments demand efficient plumbing and heating systems that are both cost effective to purchase and install and meet all necessary legislation and standards.

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Multi-occupancy buildings such as apartment blocks, student accommodation and hotels present building designers and specifiers with multiple challenges.

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Sports & leisure is all about performance. Not just with the activities which take place, but also in the facilities.

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