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Tenant Valve Plus
NEW Tenant Valve Plus reduces installation time on site

Introducing the new Tenant Valve Plus – one of Reliance UK’s most innovative water monitoring units for multi-occupancy buildings offering space saving, time saving, leak reduction and convenient maintenance in one compact valve.

The concept of the Tenant Valve Plus was born from the fact that most multi-unit buildings, whether residential or commercial, require an isolating valve and a double check valve be fitted at the entrance to the unit. It’s also common practice to install pressure reducing valves and water meters at this point too. The concept is simple: if all these valves are being fitted anyway, why not incorporate them into one compact unit that can be fitted quickly and easily?

Traditionally, the preparation, assembly and installation of each separate component can take around seven minutes per unit. With the all-in-one Tenant Valve Plus the whole unit can simply be taken from the box, including its specifically moulded insulating cover, and installed straight away!

Think the Tenant Valve Plus could be the ideal solution for you? Want to find out more? Simply get in touch using the contact form provided below and one of our team will be able to help with any questions you may have.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at our time trial video:

RWC Collaborates with CIPHE on TechTalk Live

Reliance Water Controls recently collaborated with the CIPHE to produce a manufacturer tech talk video on the risks and solutions of Legionella and Scalding safety in commercial environments.  The video discusses the fundamental issue of Legionella safety verses the risk of scalding in commercial hot water systems, and showcases the features and benefits of our Caremix Thermostatic mixing taps range for ensuring end user safety.

Click here to watch the video.