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Ausimix® Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Euromixer® Group Mixing Valve
Heatguard® BF2-2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Heatguard® Dual Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Heatguard® LS2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Heatguard® Tempering Valve
Heatguard® TMV3-8 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Heatguard® UFH Blending Valve
Masterguard Tempering Valve
Heatguard Planar® Group Mixing Valve
ProMix® 22-2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Solar Tempering Valve
Solar Transfer Valve
Thermal Balancing Valve
Washroom Systems
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500 Series Anti-Scale Showerheads
Presto Technology 503 C Concealed Timeflow Shower
Presto Technology 503 Series Concealed Cross-Wall Timeflow Shower
Presto Technology 503 ER & 503 E Exposed Timeflow Shower & Riser Set
506 and 506 S Timeflow Bib Taps
Presto Technology 509 Series Foot Operated Valve
520 Foot Operated Timeflow Valve
600 Series Fixed Showerheads
606 and 606 S Timeflow Basin Tap
700 Series Anti-Vandal Showerheads
704 Timeflow Bib Tap with Lever
706 Timeflow Basin Tap with Lever
712 Knee Operated Timeflow Valve
2000 and 2000 S Series Timeflow Basin Tap
2010 and 2010 S Series Timeflow Bib Tap
4000 S Timeflow Mixer Tap
Presto Technology Alpa Series Timeflow Mixer Showers
Anti-Ligature Showerheads
Heatguard® Bar Shower
Contemporary Caremix® CS3 Concealed Shower
Caremix®H3 Deck Mounted 2 Hole TMV3 Approved Thermostatic Tap
Caremix® S3 Monobloc TMV3 Approved Thermostatic Tap
Caremix® IR3 Wall Mounted TMV3 Approved Infra-Red Thermostatic Tap
Caremix® T3 Wall Mounted TMV3 Approved Thermostatic Tap
Caremix® DC153 Exposed Shower Control
Presto Technology DL400 SE Slimline Timeflow Shower Panel
Exposed Showerheads
Cistern Flush Valve
Exposed Showerheads
Heatguard® BSM Bath Shower Mixer
Senselec® Infra-Red Swan Neck Basin Tap
Merit Single Lever Basin Mixer Tap
Presto Technology Shower Panel Finishing Profile System
Reliance Timeflow Bib Tap
Reliance Timeflow Basin Tap
Quarter Turn Pillar Taps
Healthcare Shower Fittings Kit
Shower Kits with Lever Action Slide
Shower Kits with Push Button Slide
Reliance Shower Kit
Shield TMV3 Basin Lever Tap
Showerguard® C3 Concealed Sequential Shower
Showerguard® E3 Exposed Sequential Shower
Presto Technology 200 Series Shower Panel
Virtue Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap
Flow Control
Spec Sheet
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Mini Isolating Ball Valves
Nickel Plated Lever Ball Valves for Water
Pressure Gauges
ISIS® DZR Ball Valves
315i Commercial Pressure Reducing Valve
6247 Commercial / Industrial Pressure Reducing Valve
Protecto® YC
Floreg® Isolating Ball Valve
Tenant Valve
Single-Jet Cold Water Meter: 100 Series
Heating System Components
Spec Sheet
Installation Instructions
Radiance® Active Thermal Interface Unit
Anti-Legionella Valve
Automatic Air Vent
Radiance® Chill Thermal Interface Unit
Compliance Pack
Floguard® Double Check Valves
Floguard® Single Check Valves
Magnetic Filter
Lever Top Pressure & Temperature Relieve Valves - 510 Series
Lever Top Pressure & Temperature Relieve Valves - FMX Series
Full Cartridge Pressure & Temperature Relieve Valves
Radiance® Rapid Thermal Interface Unit
Reduced Pressure Zone (PRZ) Backflow Preventer STBA Model
Reduced Pressure Zone (PRZ) Backflow Preventer Commercial Model
Electrolytic Scale Reducer
Radiance® Spirit Thermal Interface Unit
Digital Dual Cylinder Thermostat
Radiance® Swift Thermal Interface Unit
Aquasystem® Replaceable Membrane Heating Expansion Vessels
Intermediate Cooling Vessel
Aquasystem® Replaceable Membrane Potable Water Expansion Vessels
Potable Water Shock Arrestors
Aquasystem® Solar Vessels
Radiance® Zest Thermal Interface Unit
Heating & Cooling Distribution Systems
Plumbing Systems