Tenant® Valve

Tenant® Valve Assembly

A multifunction water control unit to control and monitor water supply to multi-unit sites such as flats and offices with one compact unit. WRAS approved.

Features & Benefits

  • Space and labour saving package of controls. Individual components would take up twice as much space and require separate connections and installation increasing installation time and the possibility of leaks.
  • For use up to 16 bar pressure and temperatures up to 80ºC. Adjustable between 1.5-6.0 bar.
  • Consists of ball type isolating valve, pressure reducing valve, double check valve, pressure gauge/test point and a connection point for Reliance single jet water meter, or by using a special adaptor (available from Reliance) a class "D" meter suitable for use as a primary charging meter can be installed.
  • Comes complete with either 3/4" or 1" FBSP connections and a moulded insulation protection box with identity labels.


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