What is a Tundish?
Plastic tundishes are most commonly installed within heating and cooling systems in order to act as a safety device for both pressure and temperature relief valves. Water flowing through the tundish is an indication of a fault with the system and alerts the occupants of the building to the fault in order to seek professional help as they will be able to see and hear water flowing through the tundish.

Our tundish range also acts as a backflow prevention valve. Its primary purpose is to prevent cross-contamination between a water systems overflow or discharge pipe and a sewer line or drain. Plastic tundishes are fitted with specifically designed seals to prevent smells or gases from entering the building when it is connected to a soil vent or other waste pipe.

  • Type AA backflow prevention
  • Slimline design (some models)
  • Straight or angled versions available
  • Sizes from 15mm to 1 1/2″ FBSP
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