Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV valves) are used in water systems to reduce the pressure running through the system. High water pressures waste water so less pressure leads to less water used and less energy consumed. Reducing the pressure using a PRV valve in a mains water supply helps to reduce wastage.

As water runs through the PRV valve the pressure is reduced to the desired level, which can prevent the whole system from problems associated with excess pressure including pipe noises, splashes, leaking or loose pipe joints and fittings.

• PRV valves are for use up to 16 bars at temperatures up to 80°C
• Adjustable between 1.0-6.0 bar
• Drop-tight valve – controls the pressure under both flow and no-flow conditions
• Integral strainer protects the seat of the valve and is fully serviceable
• Can be installed in any orientation providing the ultimate installation flexibility
• Supplied complete with both pressure gauge and gauge port plug
• Suitable for hot or cold applications

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