Heatguard TMV3-8
Heatguard TMV3-8
Heatguard TMV3-8
Heatguard TMV3-8

The Heatguard Thermostatic Mixing Valve (tmv3) blends hot and cold water together in order to ensure a constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding.

The tmv3 valve is fully approved by Buildcert and meets the NHS D08 specification for the tmv3 scheme for basin, bidet, shower and high-pressure bath-fill applications. Tmv3 mixing valves are most commonly used in the healthcare sector in order to prevent vulnerable people from scalding from a high-temperature water supply.

Around the world, it is becoming more common to regulate the storage temperature of water in healthcare, residential and commercial settings in order to circulate water at a temperature of 60°C. Water is most commonly stored at high temperatures in order to prevent legionella so, the use of a tmv3 valve provides safety against scalding at the outlet point.

Water at 60°C can scald so the tmv3 mixing valve mixes hot water and cold water at the point of discharge to cool the water temperature and prevent scalding. Further to this, should the cold water supply fail, the tmv3 valve shuts the hot water supply off and prevents scalding temperature water from reaching the outlet.

• Fully approved by Build Cert and the tmv3 scheme for basin, bidet, shower and high-pressure bath-fill applications
• Deliver 37 litres/minute at 2.5 bar pressure
• Union connections give total installation flexibility
• Rapid-fail safe on either hot or cold supply failure
• Unique purpose built adjuster tool prevents unauthorised tampering

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