Floreg Valve/Strainer
Floreg Valve/Strainer

The Reliance Floreg Water Isolation Valve is used in individual outlets such as taps and appliances to allow easy maintenance of the outlet without the removal of the isolating valve or shutting off the full water supply. Water isolation valves are most commonly used under kitchen or bathroom sinks in typical domestic households. In most cases, the isolation valves remain open to allow users to control the flow of water through the taps, however, if the tap needs to be replaced or there is a leak, the water can be turned off using the isolation valve.

When used within any property, water isolation valves must be in an accessible location in the event of a leak or maintenance requirements. Isolation valves allow ease of maintenance of specific sections of the system without having to shut off and drain large sections of the plumbing system. Isolation valves help to make plumbing tasks quicker and easier whilst saving water.

In addition, this 15mm isolation valve can be used to maintain flow rates at the desired level which helps to save water and energy. Water flow is operated using the external lever on the isolating valve and can be shut off completely or simply restricted depending on the usage of the valve. Our isolating valves also incorporate a flow regulator which is fitted downstream of the isolator and filter to allow ease of service. The flow regulator is available with flow regulation between 4 and 15LPM. Our 15mm isolating valves are nickel plated as standard with a plastic identity cap revealing the amount of flow regulation.

  • Serviceable without the need to remove the valve from the installation
  • Saves water and energy as well as providing isolation for servicing
  • Provides even distribution when supplying multiple outlets
  • Precise flow control enables designers to size systems accurately
  • 15mm compression connections for ease of installation
  • Available with SharkBite® Metal Push-fit connections for even quicker installation
  • Can be used for retrofit or new build installations
  • Available with flow regulators from 4 lpm to 15 lpm
  • The regulators are interchangeable so that alterations in flow rate, to suit customer requirements are quick and easy
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