Floguard Double Check Valves
Floguard Double Check Valves

The Reliance Water Controls range of Floguard Double Check Valves allow water to flow in one direction only and are fitted in applications where there is a danger that backflow of water will contaminate the supply. Therefore, double check valves protect against the risk of backflow and water contaminations.

What is a Double Check Valve?

Double check valves are called so because there are two valves inside which act as a safety feature. It’s extremely unlikely that both valves will fail. If one valve fails, the other acts to prevent backflow and contamination in the mains water supply.

In addition, this compact double check valve is designed to be used in hot water heaters in order to prevent a vacuum forming in installations where there is the potential for the draw off rate to exceed rate of flow to the inlet; this can occur in properties with multiple outlets below the base of the hot water heater. The valve contains a check cartridge which, under normal conditions, is held closed by pressure within the system. When vacuum conditions occur, the suction causes the check cartridge to open and air to flow through, equalising the pressure within the hot water heater.

• Double check valves protect against the risk of backflow and back siphonage contaminations
• Compact, lightweight construction for easy installation
• Allows a high flow rate with minimum pressure drop
• Ideal for all class 3 contamination risks as per water supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999
• Integral test point for monitoring correct functioning of the downstream check valve
• Available with a comprehensive selection of FBSP and compression connection

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