Filmaster Filling Loop
Filmaster Filling Loop

The Filmaster Filling Loop is pipe connection to a central heating system in order to re-fill or re-pressurise the system from the mains water supply. The boiler filling loop feeds water back into the system and is detached once the system has been filled to the adequate pressure.

A filling loop is not part of the boiler system and is detached ready for re-use after each use. Both connections on the pipe are fitted with valves to allow the user to easily cut off the water supply and disconnect the pipe.

• 1/8” BSP test port on isolating double check valve
• 15mm compression connections
• Protects against class 3 contamination risks
• Ball valve with lever for easy operation
• Comes with metal watertight blanking cap for additional security
• Thumb grip nuts on hose to allow quick connection/disconnection to mains supply

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