Automatic Air Vent
Automatic Air Vent

Automatic Air Vent

When the air becomes trapped in a sealed heating system it can cause a wide variety of problems including excessive noise, corrosion and increased maintenance costs. When the air becomes trapped within the system it can cause air locks and prevent the system from operating effectively and efficiently.

When air builds up within a heating system and exceeds a certain level, the float within the automatic air vent drops, opens the valve and releases the trapped air. Once the air has been released, it is replaced by water, moving the float back into the up position which then closes the valve.

Automatic air vents are most suited for heating systems and other closed circuit hot water systems which require an efficient and automatic removal of air whilst the system fills with water. A vacuum break is fitted onto the bottom of the valve in order to prevent an air lock forming and encourages air to be released from the water within the system.

• Automatically vents trapped air from within a sealed heating system
• Saves time and cost when commissioning new systems
• Solid brass construction and heat-resistant polypropylene float gives long life and dependability
• Reduces callbacks to rectify airlocks, saving time and money
• Available in 3/8”, ½” and 15 mm connections

High-quality automatic air vents for use in heating systems to vent air when commissioning a system.

For larger systems requiring a higher capacity of air relief and/or continuous venting it is suggested that a Reliance high capacity air separator is used.

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