Precision water temperature controls for optimum comfort and safety

As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of thermostatic controls and thermostatic mixing valves, temperature control products sit at the heart of our product range. Reliance provides a complete range of systems to control water temperature and enable precise management of comfort and safety levels in any building.

We were the original pioneers of thermostatic controls, and bring almost 60 years of expertise and experience to the industry. Our track record of innovation, quality and value has maintained our global leadership and provides building designers and product specifiers with unrivalled quality and choice. While for building owners and occupants, choosing Reliance temperature controls ensures high performance is combined with safe operating criteria for total peace of mind. Within our temperature control range, you will find an extensive selection of thermostatic mixing valves (TMV valves) suitable for both domestic and commercial heating and hot water applications. Other highlights include thermal balancing and blending valves and tempering valves, to provide whole system control.