Plumbing Systems

Slimline, metal, push-fit plumbing system suitable for all domestic and commercial applications.

SharkBite® is the world’s most versatile range of metal push-fit fittings and valves, compatible with all common metal and plastic pipe systems. With no need for solder, flux or heat, SharkBite® is ideal for applications where flamed jointing is not permitted. Faster, “no tools” installation and demountable, re-usable fittings provide an efficient, cost-effective end-to-end plumbing system

SharkBite® providing a single solution for joining all commonly used pipes for domestic and commercial applications, including Copper, Chromed Copper, PEX, Carbon Steel and Polybutylene, in any configuration.

SharkBite® offers a host of benefits over other plumbing systems, including:

  • Demountable bodies
  • Fittings are instantly reusable after demounting
  • Constructed form ultra low lead DZR for the highest possible level of drining water quality
  • Electrically continuous
  • Easy installation: Cut-Push-Done
  • WRAS and BSI approvals 

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