Flow Control

Precision controls to regulate water flow and pressure for safe operating conditions.

At Reliance we are pioneers in products that control the flow of water around buildings. We have been designing and manufacturing innovative valves and controls since 1949.

Reliance provides a complete range of solutions to regulate water flow and pressure within the built environment. Our innovative flow control products enable building operators to accurately measure, monitor and adjust flow rates for optimum safety, enhanced economic performance and total peace of mind. And ease of installation and simplicity of operation are built in.

Within our range you will find quality products across categories such as ball valves, pressure reducing valves, water meters, manifolds, isolators and strainers. You will also find unique solutions borne out of our continual investment in research and development.

One example of our innovation is our patented Tenant Valve – a compact, five-in-one unit, which monitors, controls and meters water for individual occupancy units within a single building.

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