Aquasystem® Pressure Vessels

Aquasystem pressure vessels are manufactured to comply with UK water regulations and are tested and certified by WRAS.

All Aquasystem pressure vessels are supplied with a replaceable membrane, which separates the water and air, to prevent contamination of the water system, corrosion of the pressure vessel or pressure loss in the water system.

Typically pressure vessels are used in pumped systems. When the pump starts, the pressure inside the vessel begins to increase. Once the vessel is full and the pump has reached its high pressure setting it will switch off. When water is then drawn off from the system the air pressure surrounding the membrane will force the water out of the pressure vessel and into the system. Once the membrane is fully deflated and the system has reached its minimum pressure, the pump will start on its low pressure setting and will begin the cycle again.

The purpose of this system is to prevent constant cycling of the pump and continuous running when the system is being used.