Part M of the Building regulations volume 2 also sets out the specific needs for access to and use of buildings other than dwellings. BS 8300:2009 Inclusive Design British Standard also gives advice on designing facilities for all, whether able bodied or with any kind of physical impairment.

The Reliance Water Controls range offers a diverse selection of TMV3 products suitable for use in sports and leisure facilities.

Specifically for group installations, we offer the versatility of a separate group mixing valve such as the Heatguard BF2-2 Sports, Promix 22-2 or the Euromix combined a time flow controlled shower panel such as the DL400 SE.  This configuration is a perfect solution for sports centres as it ensures good flow rates from a bank of showers whilst delivering on aesthetic appeal.

Time flow or infra-red controlled taps can also be used to aid water efficiency and help prevent floods occurring.