Reliance Water Controls ‘Radiance’ range of Thermal Interface Units are ideal for use in multi-occupancy buildings to generate heating and/or hot water as part of a community heating network (CHN).  

CHNs generate low temperature hot water in a central energy centre which is then supplied to multiple buildings/apartments across a development via a primary network. Each apartment is connected to the primary network via a thermal interface unit which then generates, monitors and controls the specific heating and/or hot water requirements for the individual apartment.

Unlike conventional boilers, TIUs do not utilise gas, making them highly energy efficient and cost effective over the system lifetime by comparison. It also negates the requirement for unsightly flues and emissions on the buildings exterior.

Complementing our Radiance® TIUs, our WRAS approved Tenant® Valve is specifically designed for multi-occupancy buildings. The innovative 5 in 1 solution monitors, controls and measures (if required) incoming water supplies for each individual apartment and significantly reduces leak potential. The all in one cartridge style design aid quick installation as well as easy maintenance.