HTM04­ 01 sets out the criteria for designing water systems, temperature regimes, the use of D08 approved TMVs as well as requirements for ongoing maintenance. An addendum to also covers the requirement for hot water or heating pipework within 2 metres of the floor to not exceed the temperature of 42°C. Products used in Healthcare environments must conform to the requirements of TMV3.

The Health Building Note 00­09 provides guidance to ensure healthcare systems are specifically designed adhere to the Water Safety Plan and exclude water dead legs in order to prevent the growth of bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas.

Thermostatic controls are therefore a key requirement to ensure a safe temperature of hot water at the point of use. NHS Model Engineering Specifications D08 ensures that TMVs used in healthcare environments reach a minimum performance standard for stability of temperature and an immediate shut­down when either hot or cold water supply fails. Products that are quick and easy to maintain/repair are also vital to minimise downtime or avoid area closures. In addition, all fittings that come into contact with potable water should also be Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved.

As experts in hot water technology, our Reliance Water Controls range offers solutions for controlling and maintaining hot water systems as well as safe water delivery at the outlet for all different types of healthcare applications.

The Reliance Water Controls range includes an Anti Legionella valve as well as a new Hydro-Kinetic unit for monitoring and maintaining water at safe levels throughout the hot water system by maintaining a continual circulation and preventing any stagnation occurring.

For safe water delivery at the outlet we offer both behind the wall and front of wall solutions to suit the requirements of different healthcare applications.

Where cavity space may be restrictive, our Caremix® thermostatic taps and shower range offer a choice of washroom products with built­in TMV technology, including options specifically designed for healthcare environments with long levers and easy to use controls.

Where space behind wall permits, we offer an array of TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) suitable for single outlet applications as well as larger TMVs specifically designed for safety and performance for multiple outlets.  

The Reliance Water Controls range includes non­thermostatic taps which are also suitable for healthcare applications and can be used in collaboration with our TMVs (where required). Including easy reach taps and smooth turn mixer taps as well as timeflow controlled taps and showers with auto­shut off technology for water efficiency and to protect against flooding.