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The Ultimate plumbing solutions range suitable for connecting to multiple types of pipe including: Copper, Chromed Copper, PEX pipe, Carbon Steel pipe, and Polybutylene in any combination without the need for heat, flame or expensive tools.

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Ausimix® Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) provide high performance accurate temperature control and rapid failsafe on either hot or cold water supply failure for both domestic and commercial applications. Available as either 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 fittings and have a unique temperature tool incorporated into the cap. The range also includes a 2in1 version with telescopic connectors on both inlets to provide flexibility and adjustment.

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The Predator pressure reducing valve takes a high inlet pressure and reduces it to a lower outlet pressure, which can be set as desired. The valve can be used in both hot and cold potable water services in domestic, commercial and industrial applications to supply water at the designated pressure.

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RWC UK are the exclusive distributors of Aquasystem pressure and expansion vessels in the UK. The Aquasystem range offers an extension choice of vessels from 2 to 5000 litre for potable water and heating systems as well as special high temperature vessels suitable for solar applications.

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Caremix Thermostatic Taps are high performance TMV3-approved thermostatic taps specifically designed for use in healthcare applications to comply with the requirements of HTM64. Caremix Thermostatic taps incorporate thermostatic technology within the tap body to protect vulnerable people from the dangers of scalding by delivering water at safe temperatures in high-risk environments such as hospitals or nursing homes. Caremix taps are WRAS approved.

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The EasiFit® Sealed System Kit uses a multibloc system, utilising proven technology in a modular easy to use format. It is designed to make the initial installation process of a sealed system or conversion of a conventional vented heating system to a sealed system as easy as possible.

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Easiest Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) are designed to regulate high flow rates, and feature a unique lift and turn system for adjusting the downstream pressure.

Easiest PRVs are also available with SharkBite® push-fit connectors for even quicker installation.

The Reliance Water Controls range includes a diverse range of PRVs suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Please see the Flow Control Section to view our full range.

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EuroMixer® Group Mixing Valves are ideal for group mixing applications due to their high flow rate design. Primarily used for multiple outlet shower or basin tap installations such as sports centres or schools. Euromixer group mixing valves provide stable water temperatures for up to 10 tap or shower outlets where varying flow rates exist.

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The Filmaster filling loop enables safe filling or topping up of water to the boiler in pressurised hot water systems. With its easy to operate lever ball valve handle and thumb grip nuts on the hose for easy connection/disconnection to the mains supply, the Filmaster filling loop protects against class 3 contamination risks and comes complete with a metal watertight blanking cap for additional security.

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Floguard® Single and Double Check Valves protect against the risk of backflow and back syphonage contaminations. These valves are made of a compact construction for easy installation.

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Floreg valves combine an isolator, large bore strainer and inline serviceable flow regulators. With six different flow rates available in the range, systems can be designed with accuracy for even distribution when supplying multiple outlets.

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The Harron® Valve is one of Reliance Water Controls many patented innovations. It combines a thermal balancing and a pressure reducing valve all in one to reduce system design complexity in domestic hot water systems and help avoid installation error.

This compact dual valve speeds up installation, reduces leak potential and further saves time and cost as it is supplied complete with its own bespoke insulation case.

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Two product types in our range carry the Heatguard brand name and are synonymous with the quality of the brand. As the name suggest both products ensure the delivery of hot water at a safe temperature in both domestic or commercial applications.

Heatguard Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) encompass both individual and group mixing valves which are fitted independently of the desired outlet(s).

Whilst our range of Heatguard Thermostatic Showers and Bath Shower Mixers incorporate TMV technology within the shower body and are ideal for use where cavity space is limited.

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Hoseguard is the range name given to our bib taps with integral double check valve for back-siphonage prevention. The taps provide class 3 protection against contaminants and are suitable for use as an external water supply, drain off tap or stand-pipe.

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With a reputation for quality and high performance, ISIS DZR Brass Ball Valve range can be used in even the most aggressive of water installations. The range encompasses five different valves, with either lever or T-handle options and in sizes ½”–2” FBSP and 15mm–54mm Compression.

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Masterguard Thermostatic Tempering Valves are for system temperature control and commercial sanitary hot water distribution. Designed for very high flow rates, it is primarily intended for use in applications where control and distribution of large sanitary mixed water flows is required. The Masterguard valve is typically located in the plant room to blend hot and cold water to a safer temperature (typically 50°C) for distribution throughout a building.

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The ProMix® Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is TMV3 approved and is specifically designed to provide high flow rates at low pressures, making it ideal for bath fill applications in high risk environments. Approved by Buildcert to meet the performance criteria of the NHS D08 Specification for thermostatic mixing valves in healthcare premises. ProMix provides stable temperature management regardless of the fluctuations in the incoming hot and cold water supplies.

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Protecto YC Strainers are a range of compact, class 3, in-line strainers with hot pressed DZR brass bodies for the protection of water systems from debris.

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Radiance® Thermal Interface Units (TIUs) are designed to operate as part of a community heating network system. TIUs help deliver the exact hot water and heating needs of an individual unit or home.

Radiance TIUs are more efficient and eco-friendly than alternative heating methods over a system’s lifetime. By not having a gas connection, installation costs are reduced and safety is improved for occupants.

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Safe T

The Safe T is a unique control device that measures flow rates in order to identify leaks, isolate the system and minimise water damage. It offers a multitude of programmng options including holiday mode which intensifies monitoring. An optional floor sensor can also be used to detect smaller leaks. The docking point allows connection of other controls such as water filters, quickly and easily.

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The Senselec range of electronic controls provides touch sensitive, infra-red and automatic operation solutions ideal for public and commercial washroom, to ensure water efficiency, reduced risk of flooding and even scheduled maintenance/hygiene flushes. To further aid energy efficiency saving, our Senselec Systemguard Pro PIR can also control lights, fans or complete system shut down during non-operational hours.

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Shield is a single lever sequential basin mixer which offers TMV3 approved thermostatic protection. Approved for NHS DO8 specification, Shield is offered with copper tails to eliminate the possibility of bacteria breeding in rubber hoses. It has an easy to use extended lever handle and is suitable for use on both high and low pressure systems.

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Showerguard® are TMV3 approved thermostatic sequential control showers which are available as an exposed or concealed unit.

Showerguard showers have been developed with a single cartridge principle, meaning that the main working components are all included in an easy to replace one-piece cartridge. Inlet connections can also be altered on site for flexibility of installation and to suit the orientation of the supply pipes (either top or bottom).

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The Tenant Valve is one of our most popular patented innovations which combines a number of functions in one compact self-contained unit to control and monitor water supply to multi-unit sites, such as flats or offices. The unique, compact design not only saves space but also significantly reduces leak potential and speeds up installation time.

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Virtue® is a single lever tap ideal for use in kitchens, sluice rooms or other non-clinical areas. The chrome finish provides durability whilst the easy to use extended handle and spout both have a smooth turning action. It is supplied complete with copper tails to minimise the risk of infection or bacteria growth.

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