The building demands of the retail sector are quite varied. So when it comes to selecting plumbing and heating systems, or fitting out staff or public washrooms, you need an experienced
partner with the expertise and breadth of range to offer flexible solutions.

Reliance is well equipped to be that partner. Our product solutions are both high performance and cost effective, combining efficiency factors with safety, hygiene and control.

A selection of our specialist retail products.

The Reliance Water Control range offers a range of Time flow controlled taps which aid water efficiency and help prevent flooding occurring.

For applications where increased hygiene control is also required, our Senselec range offers taps with Infra-red sensors that only allow water to flow when the infra-sensor light beam is broken thus preventing potential flooding and minimising the spread of bacteria as a result of the no-touch technology.

The Senselec Infra-red controls also includes other products to aid hygiene control in retail washrooms including hands-free flush sensors, automatic flush systems and even a water shutdown solution for when facilities are not in constant use. 

Case Study: Intu Metrocentre

The intu Metrocentre in Gateshead is Europe’s largest covered shopping and leisure centre and the UK’s first mega-mall. Since opening in 2005, the centre has been part of an ongoing £120 million investment programme with further refurbishment works in 2016. The washrooms include Reliance’s Senselec® IR Swan Neck Basin Taps which feature a security lockout function to stop continuous flow, preventing vandalism and water wastage.

Intu Metrocentre
Intu Metrocentre Intu Metrocentre